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Parallax of One Arcsecond Posts

Central Limit Theory

In probability theory, the central limit theorem (CLT) states that, given certain conditions, the arithmetic mean of a sufficiently large number of iterates of independent random variables, each with a well-defined (finite) expected value and finite variance, will be approximately normally distributed, regardless of the underlying distribution. [1]


Gravitational Time Dilation

Described as a difference in the passage of proper time at different positions as described by a metric tensor of spacetime 1.

These last few weeks have been an eye opener to what’s really important in life.  Time and the corporate machine will churn on with or without you.  The stress that I place on myself, could it be misguided?  Possibly the better option is to compartmentalize the stresses of home and work, and take note of the little life gems that happen so often around me that I easily overlook or disregard without a second thought.

Time at the core of the earth passes much slower than time on the mantel and such is mirrored in my own life.

Symmetric Cryptography: dk(ek(w)) = w

My Instagram account got hacked by a russian.  My friended count went from virtually null to 400 random people.  A stark reminder that my digital existence is fragile and my identity can be acquired in an instant.  As a good digital citizen, we should all be using best practices.

Passwords should be complex with minimum of 15 characters.  Upper and lower case.  Numbers and special characters.  Non-repeating or sequential.  Stay away from well known keyboard patterns, even though they are “random” characters.

Why so complex?  just look here:


Expelled at 30,000 km/s (30% speed of light)

Much like a Supernova, I will now take this opportunity to expel my thanks at 30,000 km/s. “Hold on to your butts!”

I give thanks for good health, good family and good friends.  My wife and two daughters are my inspiration, my sanity check and rigorously test my patience threshold. I love them dearly.

I give thanks for an awesomely challenging job to go to everyday, and where I can geek out.

I give thanks for Baileys caramel coffee creamer, of which I’ve just discovered.

I give thanks for Spotify and Netflix, for now I have less of a reason to pay attention and more reason to emerse myself in something weirdly foreign and yet totally inspirational.